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            Whether you're running a company as an emerging leader, own your own company, or just interested in how you can improve your leadership capital and move your organization to the next level of performance, Legacy Point Advisors can help you. We have operational experience in building high-performance teams, finding and fixing issues that hold organizations back, and in solving problems that many start-ups and struggling organizations have.  If you or your company are trying to overcome any of these issues and want to change things, we can help:

  • A culture that is toxic or unproductive

  • Social Media platforms that define rather than augment the culture

  • Behaviors that hold back performance

  • Employees who are not fully-engaged in their work

  • High attrition or turn-over (especially with good employees)

  • Too much spent on hiring people who didn’t turn out right

  • Your leadership or your organization seems to have plateaued

  • You find it difficult to find the next generation of leaders

  • Can’t “move the needle” on diversity

  • A poor or ineffective professional/personal brand


            For more information, please reach out via LinkedIn to Mike Felix, PhD, through email at, or call (907) 306-6355.

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